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Diablo Immortal Set Items & Drop Locations Season 30

Hey, I’m Zathong and this guide is about Set Items and Drop Locations in Diablo Immortal. Let’s just get into the details below!

Feasting Baron’s Pack

Feasting Baron’s Pack, or just Baron’s, is a set that works well in PvP setups that center around effects related to Loss of Control.

Feasting Baron’s Pack Set Items:

The SubjugatorNeckDestruction’s End (Hell II+)
The TurnkeyRing 1Tomb of Fahir (Hell IV+)
The PrisonerRing 2Forgotten Tower (Hell IV+)
The Mailed FistHandsKikuras Rapids (Hell II+)
The GaolerWaistTemple of Namari (Hell I+)
The TyrantFeetCavern of Echoes (Hell I+)

Feasting Baron’s Pack Set Bonus:

No. of Pieces EquippedBonus
2 out of 6 Set PiecesThe length of time that behaviors cause loss of control rises by thirty percent.
4 out of 6 Set PiecesLoss of Control enemies absorb 15% greater damage.
6 out of 6 Set PiecesWhen you kill an enemy impacted by your Loss of Control effect, it freezes and deals damage to nearby adversaries.

Grace of the Flagellant

Grace of the Flagellant Set Items:

Set ItemDrop Location
Torn SoleMad King’s Breach (Hell I+)
Bloody HandCavern of Echoes (Hell II+)
Slit ThroatDestruction’s End (Hell II+)
Broken PalmKikuras Rapids (Hell IV+)
Severed ThumbTemple of Namari (Hell IV+)
Open GutPit of Anguish (Hell I+)

Grace of the Flagellant Set Bonus:

No. of Pieces EquippedBonus
2 out of 6 Set PiecesThe increases are 15% for Channeled, Continual, and Persistent Ground damage.
4 out of 6 Set PiecesAfter five consecutive hits, foes will get more damage.
6 out of 6 Set PiecesLightning is a 4% chance to appear when an enemy is damaged. When lightning strikes an enemy, it deals damage and stuns them for two seconds.

Issatar Imbued

Issatar Imbued is an extremely effective set for PvE DPS builds because it is centered toward destroying enemies and speed. Unfortunately, this is only somewhat helpful in PvP since it depends on eliminating adversaries.

Issatar Imbued Set Items:

Issatar At RestNeckMad King’s Breach (Hell II+)
Issatar UndoneRing 1Cavern of Echoes (Hell IV+)
Issatar EnragedRing 2Pit of Anguish (Hell IV+)
Issatar’s Open HandHandsForgotten Tower (Hell II+)
Issatar ContainedWaistTomb of Fahir (Hell I+)
Issatar The BruteFeetDestruction’s End (Hell I+)

Issatar Imbued Set Bonus:

No. of Pieces EquippedBonus
2 out of 6 Set PiecesFor two seconds, after an adversary is vanquished, movement speed rises by thirty percent.
4 out of 6 Set PiecesFor every 5% increase in movement speed, damage delivered rises by 2.5%. A 25% damage boost stacks.
6 out of 6 Set PiecesFor ten seconds, there is a 10% chance of obtaining a soul orb after each adversary is vanquished. not to be used in succession.

War Rags of Shal’baas

The goal of the War Rags of Shal’baas or Shalbaas set is to maximize the power of your primary. This is quite strong for most classes, but it’s especially strong for Demon Hunters.

War Rags of Shal’baas Set Items:

Burning Heart of Shal’baasNeckPit of Anguish (Hell II+)
Resting Fangs of Shal’baasRing 1Temple of Namari (Hell IV+)
Braided Serpent of Shal’baasRing 2Cavern of Echoes (Hell IV+)
Dozen Strikes of Shal’baasHandsMad King’s Breach (Hell II+)
Storm-Tack of Shal’baasWaistForgotten Tower (Hell I+)
Wind-trods of Shal’baasFeetTomb of Fahir (Hell I+)

War Rags of Shal’baas Set Bonus:

No. of Pieces EquippedBonus
2 out of 6 Set PiecesPrimary Attack damage increases by 15%
4 out of 6 Set PiecesAssault When Primary Attack is utilized, speed gradually increases. up to 25%.
6 out of 6 Set PiecesThere is a chance to speed up Primary Attack for 10 seconds.

Windloft Perfection

The end-game-focused Windloft Perfection set gives your character both speed and power. Although this is probably the greatest set in the whole game, many players could find it challenging to obtain and utilize.

Windloft Perfection Set Items:

Wisdom’s EdgeNeckForgotten Tower (Hell II+)
FairfleetRing 1Mad King’s Breach (Hell IV+)
FoulfleetRing 2Pit of Anguish (Hell IV+)
Hurtling SteelHandsTomb of Fahir (Hell II+)
WhipcrackWaistDestruction’s End (Hell I+)
Stump-StirFeetKikuras Rapids (Hell I+)

Windloft Perfection Set Bonus:

No. of Pieces EquippedBonus
2 out of 6 Set PiecesGet Winds of a Thousand. 15% faster movement is possible, however if struck, it will deactivate for three seconds.
4 out of 6 Set PiecesThe damage done when Thousand Winds is active is increased by 20%.
6 out of 6 Set PiecesPossibility of receiving a shield buff that, while Thousand Winds is active, shields you from damage from up to five strikes.

Shepherd’s Call to Wolves

While Shepherd’s Call to Wolves can be used by any class in the game, Necromancers are the intended users of this spell. They may have the greatest set in the entire game for both PvP and PvE with it.

Shepherd’s Call to Wolves Set Items:

Shepherd and ArchitechNeckTomb of Fahir (Hell II+)
Shepherd and MotherRing 1Mad King’s Breach (Hell IV+)
Shepherd and FatherRing 2Forgotten Tower (Hell IV+)
Shepherd and BeastmasterHandsDestruction’s End (Hell II+)
Shepherd and BegetterWaistKikuras Rapids (Hell I+)
Shepherd and LeaderFeetTemple of Namari (Hell I+)

Shepherd’s Call to Wolves Set Bonus:

No. of Pieces EquippedBonus
2 out of 6 Set PiecesSummons deal 15% more damage.
4 out of 6 Set PiecesCrucial Impact The chance rises by 3% with each summon. reaches an 18% stack.
6 out of 6 Set PiecesEvery time you land a critical hit, summons go into a 10-second frenzy.

Untouchable Mountebank

The Untouchable Mountebank set is all about survival and shields. Though we’ll have to wait and watch how the game’s meta evolves before deciding whether or not this is a good set for endgame PvE raids.

Untouchable Mountebank Set Items:

Mountebank’s FlourishNeckCavern of Echoes (Hell II+)
Mountebank’s MisdirectionRing 1Temple of Namari (Hell IV+)
Mountebank’s MarvelRing 2Kikuras Rapids (Hell IV+)
Mountebank’s ShirkingHandsPit of Anguish (Hell II+)
Mountebank’s BravadoWaistMad King’s Breach (Hell I+)
Mountebank’s SlynessFeetForgotten Tower (Hell I+)

Untouchable Mountebank Set Bonus:

No. of Pieces EquippedBonus
2 out of 6 Set Pieces20% chance to obtain a shield that, when struck, can absorb damage equal to up to 13% of your maximum hit point.
4 out of 6 Set PiecesPossibility to acquire a barrier that, when struck, can absorb up to 33% of your maximum health in damage.
6 out of 6 Set Pieces25% chance for shield to burst, causing adjacent opponents damage equal to 40% of maximum HP.

Vithu’s Urges

For support builds in group dungeons, challenge rifts, or raids, there is a set called Vithu’s Urges. Along with an amazing Life Drain, your support allies’ bonuses and attack speed will be extended.

Vithu’s Urges Set Items:

Awakener’s UrgeNeckKikuras Rapids (Hell II+)
Shameless UrgeRing 1Tomb of Fahir (Hell IV+)
Modest UrgeRing 2Destruction’s End (Hell IV+)
Luminary’s UrgeHandsTemple of Namari (Hell II+)
Exemplar’s UrgeWaistCavern of Echoes (Hell I+)
Beacon’s UrgeFeetPit of Anguish (Hell I+)

Vithu’s Urges Set Bonus:

No. of Pieces EquippedBonus
2 out of 6 Set PiecesBuff Duration of you and your party increases by 30%
4 out of 6 Set PiecesThe target of a buff you apply to yourself or a party member will get a 30% increase in attack speed for three seconds after each use.
6 out of 6 Set PiecesWhen you employ a Buff Skill, an area with 15% Life Drain is created. final 40 seconds. not to be used repeatedly

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