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Diablo immortal best gems for Classes

Hey, I’m Zathong and this guide is about Diablo immortal best gems for all Classes. Let’s just get into the details below!

Legendary GemsClasses
BattleguardThis is a decent gem for melee classes like Barbarian, Crusader and Monk if you’re seeking damage reduction.
Berserker’s EyeThis gem provides a decent damage boost, at the cost of you receiving more damage as well. It works well early on but falls off compared to other gems.
Blessing of the WorthyA powerful AoE blast that can be used defensively or offensively. While a bit stronger on a melee class due to their constant close proximity to enemies, this gem is still a great choice for all classes.
Blood-Soaked-JadeOne of the strongest Legendary Gems in the game for all classes.
Bloody ReachThis is a great starter option for all ranged classes, providing a consistent DPS increase in nearly all situations.
Despite this being a solid chioce Fervant Fang and Power & Command are a bigger priority for ranking up. Investing resources into 2 star Legendary Gems can be quite costly so make sure you’re choosing your best options.
Bottled HopeOne of the strongest Legendary Gems in the game for any class which can reliably provide buffs to themself or allies.
Ca’arsen’s InvigorationIt’s especially good for Demon Hunters with their powerful Primary Attack and Ultimate. Combining this with a high ranked Zod Stone may yield interesting results on many different classes.
This is a decent options early on for damage and faster Ultimate generation.
Chained DeathMost builds regularly hit multiple targets, making this a great gem early on. Consider this as another great 1-Star Legendary Gem to get to Rank 10 to Awaken your Equipment.
Chip of Stone FleshThis gem is a solid choice to rank up, especially for ranged classes. A great way to incorporate another stun into your kit.
The stun can help with kiting monsters in end game content and it provides a decent damage boost for those brief moments as well.
Cutthroat’s GrinAll classes
Defiant SoulDecent for melee classes if found early on but not worth ranking up. There are very few Legendary Gems worse than this one, replace it as soon as you can.
Echoing ShadeThe Shadow Clones use your Primary skills making them only useful on a Demon Hunter.
Everlasting TormentOne of the best 1 Star Legendary Gems available providing a reliable DPS increase that all classes can utilize.
Rank this one up with confidence as it can be used well into end game content. Use it to Awaken your gear once you have enough 2 Star and 5 Star Gems to replace it.
Fervant FangAll classes.
This is one of the best single target Gems in the game and should be in every PvE build. As enemies get stronger and take longer to take down this Gem becomes even more valuable.
Follower’s BurdenOne of the best gems for a summoner Necromancer. Worthless for all other classes.
Freedom and DevotionOne of two Legendary Gems introduced at launch designed for the Necromancer class.
Howler’s CallAll Classes
Lightning CoreAll classes
Mocking LaughterThis gem is terrible, only use this if you have nothing else that can take its place.
Nightmare WreathAll classes
Pain of SubjugationDecent damage bonus early on, but requires enemies to be Crowd Controlled. Only use this if you plan on using some form of Crowd Control.
Phoenix AshesAll classes
Power & CommandAll classes use Primary attacks between their Skills. Timing your rotations with Power & Command is essential for maximizing your DPS.
Another amazing 2 star gem that will find its way into most end game setups.
Respite StoneAll classes.
This is an underwhelming defensive gem that can be used until you find anything to replace it with
Seeping BileThis is one of the strongest Legendary Gems in the game. It is devastating in large densities such as Elder Rifts and Challenge Rifts. Combining this with other damaging Legendary gems like Blessing of the Worthy and Blood-Soaked Jade leads to some rapid destruction.
Seled’s WeakeningRank it up a bit as you’ll likely use it until you find some 5 star gems.
The Black RoseThe root can save your life if you need to escape a dangerous situation in PvP.
When ranked up the “immobilized duration” increases, reaching a punishing 3.3 seconds at rank 10. This isn’t the best gem for PvE content but can be worthwhile to rank up down the road.
The HungerGreat for melee classes that take a lot of damage while going through Challenge Rifts.
Combining this with Seeping Bile, Blessing of the Worthy and Howler’s Call yields massive heals regularly.
Trickshot GemNiche gem for builds that focus on a channeling skill, like Whirlwind Barbarian.
Not great at low rank but worth investing in if you plan on playing a Channel-focused build.
Unity CrystalThis gem provides good damage mitigation if used by many members of a group, but is generally a weaker option compared to other 2 and 5 star Gems. Only use this if you have nothing else to replace it with.
Zod StoneAll Classes.
Combining this with a high ranked Ca’arsen’s Invigoration may yield interesting results. This combination allows Ultimate’s to charge up quickly and last a tremendous amount of time at high rank.
Zwenson’s HauntingThis gem is decent for DPS for all classes, it procs more often that most gems but does quite a bit less damage.
The Dark Beast also tends to target random mobs in undesired locations. Overall a solid DPS choice that can be a bit inconsistent.

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