Diablo Immortal

Diablo Immortal Armor for all Classes

Hey, I’m Zathong and this guide is about Armor for all Classes in Diablo Immortal. There are seven different forms of armor in Diablo Immortal: Head, Shoulders, Torso, Hands, Waist, Legs, and Feet.

Diablo Immortal Armor

Battlemaster’s HelmBarbarianHead1
Berserker’s SanityBarbarianHead1
Bestial ThreatBarbarianHead1
Lasting HateBarbarianHead1
Second BreathBarbarianHead1
Weighted BrowBarbarianHead1
Animal InstinctBarbarianShoulders1
Broken GraspBarbarianShoulders1
Hatred’s ReachBarbarianShoulders1
Hell’s LegacyBarbarianShoulders1
Shocking ChaosBarbarianShoulders1
The Coming StormBarbarianShoulders1
Ydama’s CycloneBarbarianShoulders1
Charred IronBarbarianTorso1
Crusher RigBarbarianTorso1
Davin’s LegacyBarbarianTorso1
Ferocious GlaeBarbarianTorso1
Impaler’s BreathBarbarianTorso1
The GatheringBarbarianTorso1
Howler’s LiftBarbarianLegs1
Juggernaut’s PlanBarbarianLegs1
Kar’s DefianceBarbarianLegs1
Screaming FuryBarbarianLegs1
Glower of the RecluseCrusaderHead1
Many-Eyed AegisCrusaderHead1
Questor’s MienCrusaderHead1
Redeemer’s MettleCrusaderHead1
Retribution OrnamentCrusaderHead1
Sudden VallationCrusaderHead1
Barbed CouncilCrusaderShoulders1
Cradle of PebblesCrusaderShoulders1
Faith AscendantCrusaderShoulders1
Public PenanceCrusaderShoulders1
Sivket’s AdvantageCrusaderShoulders1
Spine of the AdversaryCrusaderShoulders1
Wind-Blessed PauldronsCrusaderShoulders1
Feathermail CoatCrusaderTorso1
Fortress HermeticCrusaderTorso1
Hungerfire ChitonCrusaderTorso1
Iron SuzerainCrusaderTorso1
Justice Without FavorCrusaderTorso1
Springback ChainCrusaderTorso1
Bladed JambeauCrusaderLegs1
Cavalier’s CourtwearCrusaderLegs1
Permanent ReproachCrusaderLegs1
Pillager’s GreavesCrusaderLegs1
Squire’s TrewsCrusaderLegs1
Tactics and SecretsCrusaderLegs1
Boundless IngenuityDemon HunterHead1
Cowl of Absolute PunishmentDemon HunterHead1
Cowl of Focused HatredDemon HunterHead1
Daye’s Frightful PersonaDemon HunterHead1
Frozen Guardian’s SightDemon HunterHead1
Vision of the LostDemon HunterHead1
Ysil’s Contained DestructionDemon HunterHead1
BladewingsDemon HunterShoulders1
Bombardment’s TollDemon HunterShoulders1
Chillwrath MantleDemon HunterShoulders1
HailfireDemon HunterShoulders1
Hailstone ShouldersDemon HunterShoulders1
Shadowstalker’s SpauldersDemon HunterShoulders1
Skystriker’s PauldronsDemon HunterShoulders1
Cuirass of of the Death WatchDemon HunterTorso1
Darkness’ EmbraceDemon HunterTorso1
Heart of VengeanceDemon HunterTorso1
Helltrapper CageDemon HunterTorso1
Petahm’s Secret ArsenalDemon HunterTorso1
Plate of Lethal IntentDemon HunterTorso1
Untempered HatredDemon HunterTorso1
Assassin’s HeritageDemon HunterLegs1
Coff’s Unrelenting FuryDemon HunterLegs1
Inescapable PredatorDemon HunterLegs1
Jayn’s Silent RetributionDemon HunterLegs1
Legguards of the Inevitable InfernoDemon HunterLegs1
Master Alchemist’s FauldsDemon HunterLegs1
Slayer’s BreachesDemon HunterLegs1
Crippling InsightMonkHead1
Empathy’s BlessingMonkHead1
Judgment’s WatchMonkHead1
Purity’s ThoughtMonkHead1
Solace of the PeaksMonkHead1
The Open MindMonkHead1
Tranquility’s GazeMonkHead1
Discipline’s WeightMonkShoulders1
Freedom’s GaleMonkShoulders1
Heaven’s BondsMonkShoulders1
Mantle of the CraneMonkShoulders1
Radiant SunMonkShoulders1
Rising TideMonkShoulders1
The First WindMonkShoulders1
Breath of IncenseMonkTorso1
Disciplined RespiteMonkTorso1
Enlightenment’s BlessingMonkTorso1
Harmony’s SongMonkTorso1
Resounding SoulMonkTorso1
Storm SpiritMonkTorso1
Tempest’s HeartMonkTorso1
Chastising RadianceMonkLegs1
Companion’s MelodyMonkLegs1
Grace’s BountyMonkLegs1
Isolation’s PathMonkLegs1
Momentum’s FlowMonkLegs1
Path of the StormMonkLegs1
Tiger’s FlightMonkLegs1
Coals For EyesNecromancerHead1
Crown of the Gilded LeashNecromancerHead1
Hideous DawningNecromancerHead1
No-Mouth FaceNecromancerHead1
Visitant’s SignNecromancerHead1
Chasm CrosserNecromancerShoulders1
Gravedirt’s WeightNecromancerShoulders1
Lone PreserverNecromancerShoulders1
Surge and StillnessNecromancerShoulders1
Covet NothingNecromancerTorso1
Ever-Grasping VestmentsNecromancerTorso1
Exhumant’s BackboneNecromancerTorso1
Flickering WarmthNecromancerTorso1
Parting GiftNecromancerTorso1
The Inviting TombNecromancerTorso1
Graven BulwarkNecromancerLegs1
Guided by MaggotsNecromancerLegs1
Mournful DestroyerNecromancerLegs1
Proximal FearNecromancerLegs1
Rozhin’s KeeningNecromancerLegs1
Sacral ChaussesNecromancerLegs1
Cowl of Arcane TruthsWizardHead1
Cowl of the AbyssWizardHead1
Lyan’s Resonant WisdomWizardHead1
Mask of IllusionsWizardHead1
Memory of XiaoyuWizardHead1
Vaetia’s Resourceful CoutenanceWizardHead1
Vision of the Frozen PathWizardHead1
Angmar’s Repulsive BurdenWizardShoulders1
Arcane IntensifiersWizardShoulders1
Pads of ProtectionsWizardShoulders1
Phoenix MantleWizardShoulders1
Rime MantleWizardShoulders1
Searing JudgementWizardShoulders1
Shoulders of the CataclysmWizardShoulders1
Ellora’s FevorWizardTorso1
Frostreaver’s GarmentsWizardTorso1
Kyn’s CyromantleWizardTorso1
Regalia of the ArchmageWizardTorso1
Robes of the AvalancheWizardTorso1
Starcaller’s DraperyWizardTorso1
Zann Esu Elemental WeaveWizardTorso1
Chaos NexusWizardLegs1
Galebringer’s LeggingsWizardLegs1
Kavil’s Grand RevelationWizardLegs1
Riftdancer’s StrideWizardLegs1
Starcaller’s BreechesWizardLegs1
Time-Warped ClothWizardLegs1

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