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Best Diablo 2 Necromancer builds Season 9

Hey, I’m Zathong and this guide is about Necromancer Build in Diablo 2 Season 9.

Best Necromancer build guides for Diablo 2. I works hard to keep my’s Diablo 2 builds and guides updated, and will help you craft the best Necromancer build for the meta. Learn more about Necromancer’s Skill, Items Set, Legendary Gems, Kanai’s Cube.


Necromancer Leveling Build

Level 2Teeth5 Vitality
Level 3Teeth5 Vitality
Level 4Teeth5 Vitality
TeethDen of Evil
Level 5Teeth5 Vitality
Level 6Clay Golem5 Vitality
Level 7Teeth5 Vitality
Level 8Teeth5 Vitality
Level 9Teeth5 Strength
Level 10Teeth5 Strength
Level 11Amplify Damage5 Vitality
Level 12Iron Maiden5 Vitality
Level 13Teeth5 Vitality
Level 14Teeth5 Vitality
Level 15Teeth5 Vitality
Corpse ExplosionRadament
Level 16Teeth5 Vitality
Level 17Teeth5 Vitality
Level 18Bone Spear5 Vitality
Level 19Bone Spear5 Vitality
Level 20Bone Spear5 Strength
5 VitalityLam Esen’s Tome
Level 21Bone Spear5 Strength
Level 22Bone Spear5 Vitality
Level 23Bone Spear5 Vitality
Level 24Bone Spear5 Vitality
Level 25Bone Spear5 Vitality
Level 26Bone Spear5 Vitality
Level 27Bone Spear5 Vitality
Level 2811x Bone Spear30 to StrengthRespec
5x Corpse ExplosionRest to VitalityRespec
5x Bone PrisonRespec
8x Bone WallRespec
Level 29Bone Spear5 Vitality
Level 30Bone Spear5 Vitality
Level 31Bone Spear5 Vitality
Bone PrisonNightmare Den of Evil
Level 32Bone Spear5 Vitality
Level 33Bone Spear5 Vitality
Level 34Bone Spear5 Vitality
Level 35Bone Spear
Level 36Bone Spear5 Vitality
Bone PrisonNightmare Radament
Level 37Bone Spear5 Vitality
Level 38Bone Prison5 Vitality
5 VitalityNightmare Lam Esen’s Tome
Level 39Bone Prison5 Vitality
Level 40Bone Prison5 Vitality
Bone PrisonNightmare Izual
Bone PrisonNightmare Izual
Level 41Bone Prison5 Vitality
Level 42Bone Prison5 Vitality
Level 43Bone Prison5 Vitality
Level 44Bone Prison5 Vitality
Level 45Bone Prison5 Vitality
Level 46Bone Prison5 Vitality
Level 47Bone Prison5 Vitality
Level 48Bone Prison5 Vitality
Level 49Bone Wall5 Vitality
Level 50Bone Wall5 Vitality
Level 51Bone Wall5 Vitality
Level 52Bone Wall5 Vitality
Level 53Bone Wall5 Vitality
Level 54Bone Wall5 Vitality
Level 55Bone Wall5 Vitality
Bone WallHell Den of Evil
Level 56Bone Wall5 Vitality
Level 57Bone Wall5 Vitality
Level 58Bone Wall5 Vitality
Level 59Bone Wall5 Vitality
Level 60Bone Spirit5 Vitality
Bone SpiritHell Radament
Level 61Bone Spirit5 Vitality
Level 62Bone Spirit5 Vitality
Level 63Bone Spirit5 Vitality
5 VitalityHell Lam Esen’s Tome
Level 64Bone Spirit5 Vitality
Level 65Bone Spirit5 Vitality
Bone SpiritHell Izual
Bone SpiritHell Izual
Level 66Bone Spirit5 Vitality
Level 67Bone Spirit5 Vitality
Level 68Bone Spirit5 Vitality
Level 69Bone Spirit5 Vitality
Level 70Bone Spirit5 Vitality
Level 71Bone Spirit5 Vitality
Level 72Bone Spirit5 Vitality
Level 73Bone Spirit5 Vitality
Level 74Bone Spirit5 Vitality
Level 75Bone Spirit5 Vitality

Necromancer Items & Weapons Build

Bone Necromancer Build 

WeaponWhite Wand with skill bonuses to Bone Spear
Weapon SwapCall to Arms and Spirit
Shield35% Increased Cast Rate Spirit Monarch Shield or Homunculus if going for max block
Body ArmorEnigma
HelmHarlequin Crest or Rare circlet with +2 to Necromancer Skills and 20% Faster Cast Rate
GlovesTrang-Oul’s Clawss or Magefist
BootsEthereal Sandstorm Treks
BeltArachnid Mesh
Ring 1The Stone of Jordan, Bul-Kathos’ Wedding Band, or Rare ring with +10% Faster Cast Rate, Life, Resistances, and relevant stats
Ring 2The Stone of Jordan, Bul-Kathos’ Wedding Band, or Rare ring with +10% Faster Cast Rate, Life, Resistances, and relevant stats
AmuletMara’s Kaleidoscope or Rare amulet with Necromancer skill bonuses and enough +% Faster Cast Rate to reach the 125% breakpoint
Charm 1Necromancer Hellfire Torch
Charm 2Annihilus
Charm 39x Skiller Grand Charms with Life or enough Faster Hit Recovery to hit 86%
Charm 410 Small Charms with Life, Resistances, Mana, or Faster Hit Recovery, depending on needs

Bone Necromancer Mercenary:

  • Weapon: Ethereal Insight or The Reaper’s Toll
  • Body Armor: Ethereal Fortitude
  • Helm: Andariel’s Visage socketed with a Ral Rune

Necromancer Skill Breakpoints

Hit Recovery Breakpoints

Frames to perform action1312111098765
Faster Hit Recovery required to reach frame00,050,10,160,260,390,560,861,52

Faster Cast Rate Breakpoints

Frames to perform action1514131211109
Faster Cast Rate required to reach frame00,090,180,30,480,751,25

Faster Block Rate Breakpoints

Frames to perform action1110987654
Faster Block Rate required to reach frame00,060,130,20,320,520,861,74

Necromancer Skills Build


Stat Points and Attributes:

Enough for gear; around 150 totalEnough for gearEverything elseNone

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