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Chess Rush Items List

Hey, I’m Zathong and this is all items list in Chess Rush. You can find Items dropped by NPC enemies. Let’s just get into the details below!

Items List

Piercing DaggerIncreases attack speed by 20.
Increases attack speed by 35.
Increases attack speed by 50.
Has a 30% chance to deal 250% magic damage to target and enemies within 2 grid of the target.
maximum of 3 different items, which can be upgraded by equipping a duplicate item up to 4 times. The final upgrade of an item gives a unique ability.
CriticalIncrease attack damage by 85.
Increase attack damage by 115.
Increase attack damage by 150.
Has a 30% chance to deal 200% damage.
Spellbane StaffIncreases mana recovered by 50% when dealing damage.
Increases mana recovered by 75% when dealing damage.
Increases mana recovered by 100% when dealing damage.
After casting an ability, normal attacks deal an additional 100 magic damage to targets for 5s (Ultimate).
Forbidden TomeIncreases mana recovered by 50% when taking damage.
Increases mana recovered by 75% when taking damage.
Increases mana recovered by 100% when taking damage.
Gains a shield with 20% of max health upon using an ability.
Resistance CloakIncreases magic resistance by 20%.
Increases magic resistance by 30%.
Increases magic resistance by 50%.
Reflects 30% damage from abilities (Ultimate).
Defensive ArmorIncreases armor by 20.
Increases armor by 35.
Increases armor by 50.
When taking normal attacks, reduces the attacker’s attack speed by 30% for 5s (Ultimate).

Treasure Arena Items

Fanatic’s charmIncreases attack damage by 50 and gains 15% life steal.
Hawkeye ScopeAttacks the enemy with the lowest HP first, dealing physical damage equal to 5% of HP lost.
Vapor Blade Increases attack speed by 20. Each attack reduces target’s mana by 30.
MoonbladeIncreases attack damage by 150. Melee attacks have a 25% chance of triggering Moonblade Aura, dealing magic damage equal to 50% of attack damage to enemies in its path. Cooldown: 1s.
Storm Strike Increases attack speed by 30. Each attack increases attack damage by 25 and armor penetration by 5%. This effect resets upon reaching 10 stacks.
Corrosive BladeIncreases attack damage by 200. Attacks can’t be dodged.
Frost HammerIncreases attack damage by 150. Attacks have a 25% chance of freezing target for 2s.
Phantom MirrorIncreases Max HP by 1,000. At the beginning of a battle, summons a clone with 50% of attack damage and HP to assist in battle.
Vampire’s FangGains 10% life steal. Each attack deals true damage equal to 5% of current HP.
Gladitor ChainIncreases damage done by 10% for every 10% HP lost.
Dissolving StaffIncreases all damage done by 10% and reduces targets’ Magic Resist by 25% for 10s.
Echo Charm: Reduces ability cooldown by 50%.
Orb of SilenceSilences a random target for 3s at the beginning of a battle.
Blazing EdgeAbility ignites target for 3s, dealing magic damage equal to 30% of ability damage.
Grim RingEach attack steals 10 mana from target. Once mana stolen reaches 50, restores 30 mana of all allies within 1 square (only triggers once per match).
Cursed PuppetUpon dealing damage, reduces target’s healing by 60% for 5s.
Freezing CrystalFreezes a random target for 5s at the beginning of a battle.
Glory GrailIncreases ability damage by 25% for all allies within 1 square.
Zealot TomeReduces mana cost of abilities by 50%. Reduces cooldown by 1s when ability kills target.
Veteran’s BracersBlocks 30 physical damage.
Spirit ScrollSummons a Nightowl Spirit to fight enemies at the beginning of a battle.
RejuvenationIncreases Max HP by 750. Also restores 40 HP every second.
Cyborg ArmorChanges race to Cyborg.
Book of Familiar Spirirts: Increases all summoned pets’ attack speed by 30 and grants them a shield with 400 HP.
Magic CarpetGains “Rider.”
Dragon BloodChanges race to Dragon.
Demon HornChanges race to Demon.
Agent EmblemGains “Assassin.”
Gladitor’s Dog TagGains “Warrior.”
Warbringer’s ArmorReduces damage taken by 10%. For every enemy within 1 square, further reduces damage taken by 10% (up to 50%).
First Aid CharmIncreases Max HP by 1,000. Gains a shield with 2,000 HP when HP drops below 30%.
Diamond BarrierBecomes invincible for 3s when HP drops below 10%.
Cloak of the PhoenixRevives 3s after death and recovers 30% of Max HP.
Source Of LifeIncreases Max HP by 3,000. Recovers 1% of Max HP every 0.5s.
Magician’s CapeIncreases Magic Resist by 30%. 25% chance to block ability damage.
Lonewolf HelmetIf there are no allies within 2 squares at the beginning of a battle, gains 40 armor and a shield with 30% of Max HP.
Spellfire ArmorGains 60 armor and deals 100 magic damage to all enemies within 3 squares every second.

How to you Items


  • Each hero can equip a maximum of 3 different items, which can be upgraded by equipping a duplicate item up to 4 times.
  • The final upgrade of an item gives a unique ability.

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