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Brawl Stars Tier List 2023

Hey, I’m Zathong and i will update the Brawl Stars Tier List for 2023. I will help you choose the best brawlers in the current meta and ranks every brawler in Brawl Stars from the least viable to the best.


Brawl Stars Tier List

Tier list is a tool that allows players to see which heroes are performing well in the current meta.

S+Byron, Crow, Fang, Grom, Gus, Sam, Buster, Mandy, Chester
SLou, Bo, Edgar, Gene, Spike, Belle, Colonel Ruffs, Jessie, El Primo, Piper, Pam, Mortis, Tara, Max, Mr. P, Leon, Sandy, Amber, Gale, Surge, Squeak, Meg, Eve, Bonnie, Otis, Janet, Gray
LouBoEdgarGeneSpikeBelleColonel RuffsJessieEl PrimoPiperPamMortisTaraMaxMr. PLeonSandyAmberGaleSurgeSqueakMegEveBonnieOtisJanetGray
ANita, Dynamike, Barley, Poco, Rosa, Rico, Brock, Tick, 8-Bit, Emz, Penny, Frank, Bea, Sprout, Colette, Buzz, Griff, Lola
BStu, Shelly, Colt, Bull, Darryl, Carl, Bibi, Nani.

S+ Tier

This is brawlers can dominate in every game, regardless if you’re a pro or a newb. Over Powered brawlers in the current Brawl Stars meta.

About Brawlers:

+ Byron: Byron deals with potent medicaments, but never call him a snake oil salesman!

+ Crow: Crow fires a trio of poisoned daggers. As a Super move he leaps, firing daggers both on jump and on landing.

+ Fang: Fang kicks first and he kicks fast. His main attack is a hefty kick that sends his shoe flying! Fang’s Super is a powerful kick that will chain hit multiple enemies who are close together.

+ Grom: Watchman Grom’s priority is to keep guard. He throws his trusty radio at his enemies. His Super is a big bad bomb that breaks walls and pushes back enemies!

+ Gus: Hanging out in a long forgotten and abandoned train ride, Gus loves balloons. He’s a master at crafting balloon animals, which he uses to pass the time and to keep himself company.

+ Sam: A former factory hand, Sam Bronson has a vendetta against ALL robots. He’s the brawn behind the brains of the Goldarm Gang, always happy to take the loot and give robots the boot!

+ Chester: Chester’s Super is one of five Supers that can either deal high damage, knock back enemies, and destroy obstacles

+ Mandy: Mandy has high damage output, and a very long range.

+ Buster: Buster has high health, a fast movement speed, and a moderately high damage output at close range.

S Tier

Brawlers are also spectacular, and they are the best at their respective roles.

About Brawlers:

+ Lou: Lou is a cool guy, literally! He can dole out all kinds of chill stuff. But watch your step on the ice, and be careful not to get brain freeze!

+ Bo: Bo fires three explosive arrows toward his targets. His Super ability places a trio of hidden, explosive mines on the ground!

+ Edgar: Let’s face it, this is an angry kid. He also loves parkour.

+ Gene: Gene uses his magic lamp to shoot a splitting projectile. His super is a magical hand that grabs and pulls enemies close!

+ Spike: Spike throws cactus grenades that send needles flying, and a show-stopping Super: a field of cactus spines that slows down and damages enemies!

+ Belle: Belle inspires adoration in her gang, while her Electo-Rifle brings shock and awe to any opponent!

+ Colonel Ruffs: Ruffs fires twin shots of lasers that bounce off walls. His Super is a supply drop that can damage enemies in the drop zone and leaves a power up for your team to use.

+ Jessie: Jessie’s Shock Rifle shoots energy orbs that bounce between enemies. Her Super deploys a cute but deadly gun turret!

+ El Primo: El Primo throws a flurry of punches at his enemies. His Super is a leaping elbow drop that deals damage to all caught underneath!

+ Piper: Piper’s sniper shots do more damage the farther they travel. Her Super drops grenades at her feet, while Piper herself leaps away!

+ Pam: Pam shoots from the hip, peppering targets with shrapnel. Her Super is a healing turret that restores her and teammates’ health!

+ Mortis: Mortis dashes forward with each swing of his shovel. As his Super attack, he sends a cloud of bats to damage enemies and heal himself!

+ Tara: Tara’s triple tarot card attack pierces through enemies. Her Super is a black hole that sucks in all nearby enemies, causing damage!

+ Max: Max goes fast! Her attack is a fast-firing blaster. Her Super speeds up her and allies!

+ Mr. P: Mr. P is a disgruntled luggage handler who angrily hurls suitcases at opponents. His Super calls robo-porters to help him.

+ Leon: Leon shoots a quick salvo of blades at his target. His Super trick is a smoke bomb that makes him invisible for a little while!

+ Sandy: Sandy is a sleep-deprived Brawler with powerful control over sand: casting sharp pebbles at enemies, and summoning a sandstorm to hide teammates.

+ Amber: Amber has always been a firebug. She loves to light up the world and any opponents that come at her!

+ Gale: Gale is a tireless handyman who gets no rest. He blasts foes with a wide shot of wind and snow and his Super pushes them back with a huge gust of wind!

+ Surge: He’s a Protector with a penchant for parties. Surge attacks foes with energy drink blasts that split in two on contact. His Super upgrades his stats in 3 stages and comes complete with totally awesome body mods!

+ Squeak: As Col. Ruff’s accidental creation, Squeak was born to play fetch!

+ Meg: Meg has a basic form and an advanced form where she hops inside her trusted Mecha. The Mecha loses health over time and has low healing ability. Destroying the Mecha returns Meg to her basic form.

+ Eve: Eve believes that everyone can be valuable… as a resource for her babies.

+ Bonnie: Bonnie and her inanimate cannon Clyde are usually up to no good. Who would have thought that this cute little girl would cause so much mayhem?

+ Janet: Janet is the star of the show, and she’s not afraid to let everyone around her know about it. If only her sister Bonnie wouldn’t constantly get into trouble…

+ Otis: Otis is a street artist who chills in the deep with his starfish pal Cil. Together they throw up graffiti pieces all over Starr Park.

+ Gray: Gray has a moderate health and damage, but high utility. For his attack, he shoots out a fake finger gun bullet.

A Tier

Pretty good Brawl Stars Brawlers that are still viable in the current game meta. Not as great as the above tiers.

About Brawlers:

+ Nita: Nita strikes her enemies with a thunderous shockwave. Her Super summons a massive bear to fight by her side!

+ Dynamike: Dynamike lobs two explosive sticks of dynamite. His Super attack is a whole barrel full of dynamite that blows up cover!

+ Barley: Barley attacks by lobbing bottles at enemies, doing splash damage. His Super is a huge barrage of burning bottles!

+ Poco: Poco fires damaging sound waves at enemies. His Super can heal both Poco himself and his teammates!

+ Rosa: This boxing botanist will plant her feet and go toe to toe! Her Super gives her tough, vegan protective gear.

+ Rico: Rico fires a burst of bullets that bounce off walls. His Super burst is a long barrage of bouncy bullets that pierce targets!

+ Brock: Brock fires a long-range, explosive rocket at enemies. His Super is a ballistic rocket barrage that destroys cover!

+ Tick: Tick is a metal ball of barely controlled excitement and energy – explosive energy! He throws mines, and his Super makes his head detach, seek a target and explode.

+ 8-Bit: 8-Bit lumbers along like an arcade cabinet on legs. He shoots Blaster Beams and his Super boosts friendlies’ damage!

+ Emz: Emz attacks with blasts of hair spray that deal damage over time, and slows down opponents with her Super.

+ Penny: Penny shoots bags of coins, damaging the target and anyone standing behind. Her Super is a mortar-style cannon turret!

+ Frank: Frank swings his hammer at enemies, sending a shockwave. His Super is an especially powerful blow that stuns enemies!

+ Bea: Bea loves bugs and hugs. She shoots her mechanical drones at range, and her Super sends forth an angry army of swarming bees!

+ Sprout: Sprout was built to plant life, launching bouncy Seed Bombs with reckless love. Its Super creates a plant-based obstacle!

+ Colette: Colette is going to get you! She taxes opponents’ health and has fancy moves to boot.

+ Buzz: Buzz is the lifeguard at Velocirapids. He constantly scans for folks in trouble he can throw his torpedo buoy to, but his throws are rather overenthusiastic.

+ Griff: Griff is the proprietor of Starr Park’s gift shop. Business is bad, but he still throws coins away – from his employees’ tip jar!

+ Lola: Despite being just a guide, Lola portrays herself as THE leading lady of Brawlywood. She attacks with her scarf and her Super is a channeled manifestation of her Ego.

B Tier

While not extremely bad they are also not that great, and there are far better options that you can pick before resorting to one of these.

About Brawlers:

+ Stu: Stu is a stunt driver extraordinaire with gasoline in his veins! He makes a big entrance, burning serious rubber all over the stage.

+ Shelly: Shelly’s spread-fire shotgun blasts the other team with buckshot. Her Super destroys cover and keeps her opponents at a distance!

+ Colt: Colt fires an accurate burst of bullets from his dual revolvers. His Super shreds cover and extends the bullet barrage!

+ Bull: Bull deals massive damage up close with his shotgun. For his Super move, he charges through barriers and knocks back enemies!

+ Darryl: Darryl has a powerful double-shotgun attack. His Super move is a reckless roll inside his bouncy barrel!

+ Carl: Carl throws his Pickaxe like a boomerang. His Super is a crazy cart spin that clobbers anyone around him.

+ Bibi: Batter up! Bibi’s got a sweet swing that can knock back enemies when her Home Run bar is charged. Her Super is a bouncing ball of gum that deals damage.

+ Nani: Nani loves her friends and looks over them with a watchful lens. She handles threats with angled shots, and her Super allows Nani to commandeer her pal Peep, who goes out with a bang!

C Tier

Brawlers that don’t really have a place in the current meta.

About Brawlers:

+ Jacky: Jacky works her Jackhammer to shake up the ground and nearby enemies. Her Super pulls in nearby foes, leaving them in the dust!

By Rarity

Trophy RoadShelly | Nita | Colt | Bull | Jessie | Brock | Dynamike | Bo | Tick | 8-Bit | Emz | Stu.
RareEl Primo | Barley | Poco | Rosa.
Super RareRico | Darryl | Penny | Carl | Jacky
EpicPiper | Pam | Frank | Bibi | Bea | Nani | Edgar | Griff, Grom
MythicMortis | Tara | Gene | Max | Mr. P | Sprout | Byron | Squeak
LegendarySpike | Crow | Leon | Sandy | Amber
ChromaticGale | Surge | Colette | Lou | Colonel Ruffs | Belle | Buzz | Ash, Fang


Byron, Crow, Fang, Grom, Gus are best brawlers for meta current. But Brawl Stars is game requires communication and time investment to excel in it. You need talk with your team to make sure you have the same game plan and pick the brawlers that fits.

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