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Battle Bay Speeder Build: Weapons, Strategies

Hey, I’m Zathong and this guide is about Speeder build in Battle Bay. Speeder is a ship has very high movement speed and good agility.


Fast & Furious

Crew Members For Speeder

Slots And Slot Points for Speeder

Red slotsYellow slotsBlue slots
3 34 4 44 4 4

Best Weapons And Items For Speeder

Setup 1: Mine

Setup 2: Carronades, Grenade Launchers.

  • Weapons: Carronades, Grenade Launchers
  • Other Items: Tesla Bolt and Tesla Shield.

Setup 3: Supportive Speeders generally equip mid to long range weapons, and Turbos or Bandages to help them survive.

Strategies For Speeder

Speeders are great at using agility to employ strategies that no other ship can use.

Try to use your speed to get away from Shooters.

The Speeder has low HP, so it will only take some heavy-damage shots to get yourself from full health to zero.

Enemy teams will try to take advantage of you and use you as a target, and if your items are on cooldown, get away from the fight.

Slot points:

Increase of red slot points from 2 to 3 really makes the Speeder more offensively versatile. Railguns, Explosive Cannons, Big Bertas, Missile Launchers, and Triple Torpedoes work well around this time.

  • MK1: A good fit for this is usually any one-slot point weapon.
  • MK2: Around this time, the Speeder starts to take a turn in its yellow items. Play around with your yellow items.
  • MK3: No change, but the increase of blue slot points from 1 to 2 makes the Speeder a much easier ship to play around with.
  • MK4: At this time, the Speeder starts to take a turn in its defensive and offensive positions.

Stats For Speeder


DefenceSpeedMax speedShip agilityTurret agility
0 DMG1.211.7480°90°


11650 HP75000 gold
21710 HP32,000 gold
31770 HP49,000 gold
41831 HP79,000 gold
51891 HP119,000 gold
61951 HP164,000 gold
72011 HP207,000 gold
82071 HP244,000 gold
92132 HP271,000 gold
102192 HP287,000 gold
112252 HP295,000 gold
122312 HP299,000 gold
132372 HP304,000 gold
142433 HP318,000 gold
152493 HP344,000 gold
162553 HP383,000 gold
172613 HP433,000 gold
182673 HP492,000 gold
192734 HP552,000 gold
202794 HP608,000 gold
212854 HP655,000 gold
222914 HP692,000 gold
232974 HP718,000 gold
243035 HP740,000 gold
253095 HP755,000 gold
263155 HP780,000 gold
273215 HP810,000 gold
283276 HP855,000 gold
293336 HP915,000 gold
303396 HP980,000 gold
313456 HP1,050,000 gold
323516 HP1,130,000 gold
333577 HP1,190,000 gold
343637 HP1,250,000 gold
353697 HP1,290,000 gold
363757 HP1,330,000 gold
373817 HP1,360,000 gold
383878 HP1,390,000 gold
393938 HP1,430,000 gold
403998 HP1,480,000 gold
414058 HP1,540,000 gold
424118 HP1,620,000 gold
434179 HP1,700,000 gold
444239 HP1,780,000 gold
454299 HP1,870,000 gold
464359 HP1,940,000 gold
474419 HP2,000,000 gold
484480 HP2,100,000 gold
494540 HP2,150,000 gold
504600 HP2,200,000 gold

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