Battle Bay

Battle Bay Fixer Build: Weapons, Strategies

Hey, I’m Zathong and this guide is about Fixer build in Battle Bay. Fixer is a ship ship possesses the unique ability to heal teammates via its wide arsenal of green slot items.


The Medic of the Bay

Crew Members For Fixer

Slots And Slot Points for Fixer

MKRed slotsYellow slotsGreen slotsBlue slots
2113 31
3213 31
4213 32 2
5214 4 42 2
6 and 73 315 5 52 2

Best Weapons And Items For Fixer

MK1: Carronades, Blast Cannons, and Long Range Mortars

  • Weapons: Carronades, Blast Cannons, and Long Range Mortars.
  • Other items: Standard Shield

MK2: Carronades, Blast Cannons, and Long Range Mortars.

  • Weapons: Carronades, Blast Cannons, and Long Range Mortars.
  • Other Items: Tesla Bolt, Nitro, Overboost, and Frost Blaster

MK3: You can switch that one-slot point weapon for a two-slot point weapon Napalm Launchers, Triple Torpedoes, Explosive Cannons, and Missile Launchers are highly recommended at this point, but Railguns are also useful, as well as the Big Berta, Big Torpedo, and Fire Bomb.

MK4: Standard Shield, Turbo, Overboost.

MK5: Repair Pulse, Repair Box Launcher.

MK6: Napalm Launcher, Missile Launcher, Blast Cannon.

  • Weapons: Napalm Launcher, Missile Launcher, Blast Cannon.
  • Other Items: Tesla Bolt.

MK7: DPS Fixers focus on items like Duct Tape and Repair Box Launchers.

Strategies For Fixer

Move with friends. The Fixer is surprisingly stout and can move in to take part in active combat.

Rush the capture point. Because of its slot layout and health the Fixer can move to the point at the beginning of the round and act as a deterrent. This also gives friendlies a fixed point to rally to for repairs.

Stats For Fixer

MKHealthDefenceSpeedShip agilityTurret agility
1750 HP0 DMG1.01 (Max: 1.38)34.7° (Max: 71.3° at all MKs)38.5° (Max: 78.7° at all MKs)
2950 HP0 DMG0.9 (Max: 1.38)30.7°35.7°
31300 HP0 DMG0.77 (Max: 1.42)26.3°32°
41900 HP0 DMG0.73 (Max: 1.42)24.8°30.7°
52430 HP0 DMG0.7 (Max: 1.46)23.8°29.4°
62900 HP0 DMG0.68 (Max: 1.46)23.2°28.2°
73300 HP0 DMG0.7 (Max: 1.5)23.8°29.4°

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