Adrianne Eversoul Build Guides: Team, Skill & Artifact

Hey, I’m Zathong and this guide is about Adrianne Build in Eversoul. I give you information about this character and assist you in selecting the ideal allies for Adrianne.


Adrianne Stats



Rarity: Epic

Type: Angel

Class: Defender

Gear type: STR

Adrianne Team Build

Good team build for Adrianne:

CharactersCombined with
Petra Velanna Catherine Jacqueline
Petra, Velanna, Catherine, Jacqueline
Chloe Claire Vivienne Catherine
Chloe, Claire, Vivienne, Catherine
Honglan Talia Vivienne
Honglan, Talia, Vivienne
Seeha Mica
Seeha, Mica 
Velanna Jacqueline
Velanna, Jacqueline
Mephistopeles Naiah
Mephistopeles, Naiah

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Position setup:

4 Characters1 Characters
2 Characters3 Characters
1 Characters4 Characters
3 Characters3 Characters

Adrianne Skill Guide

Name SkillType SkillEffect Skill
Righteous DeterminationPassiveAdrianne grows more powerful the more adversaries she faces. Adrianne’s ATK rises by 12% for every enemy that is within 3.5 meters of her.
Proclamation of SanctuarySubFor ten seconds, a 2.5 m² sanctuary is created. Every two seconds, enemies within the sanctuary do damage equal to 60% of ATK, healing allies’ HP by 30% of ATK.
Ring of BrillianceSubLaunches a ring of light that does the furthest enemy damage equal to 130% of ATK, stuns it for two seconds, and drags them in front of you.
Torrent of BriliianceMainProduces a holy explosion that surrounds her and deals damage equivalent to 170% ATK in a 3 meter radius. It also restores allies’ HP within range to 100% ATK.
Evil-Ending Spear of JudgmentUltimateThe enemy are penetrated by the power of justice. Approaches the adversary with the greatest ATK, causing 300% damage to opponents within 3 meters before raising the target into the air.

Adrianne Artifact Guide

Name Effect Stats (Lv.40)
AscalonAdds an effect to “Righteous Determination” which increases DEF by 4%.ATK: +12%
HP: +32%
Crit Rate: +10%
Crit DMG: +5%

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