Aatrox Voice Lines English/Japanese – [League of Legends]

Hey, I’m Zathong and i will share Aatrox voice lines in League of Legends by English/Japanese. Let’s just get into the details below!


Aatrox Voice Lines English

Pick“Now, hear the silence of annihilation!”
Ban “Let me end this!”
Moving“They think me defeated, enchained. But I am unbowed… Noble is this carnage.”
“I am your reckoner, mortals.”
“Challenge me, mortals! I am here!”
“Am I the abyss? Or did I gaze into it?”
“The only peace I seek… is death!”
“I am oblivion, I am destruction… I am doom.”
“The true sound of my blade can only be heard when they loathe re-incarnation.”
“This cursed form… This crude decaying flesh! I loathe it!”
Laughs “Let them lament… my name.”
“I stood against the void. Now… I would welcome it.”
“I cannot die… until all life ends.”
“Primitives worship me, hoping for mercy. I shall give them death.”
“They will call me a god killer!”
“I am doom!”
“As long as this form lives, I will punish them.”
“My suffering… I will make it bloom.”
“My darkness was not born, it was forged by my prison.”
“I am not a king, I am not a god, I am… worse…”
“Those who call me enemy, I welcome them.”
“I will snuff out the light, I shall make darkness eternal!”
“All that lives, I will end!”
“There is a darkness in my heart deeper than any shadow!”
“I march to death… Though I wish it was my own…”
“I will drown them in oceans of blood!”
“Patience, Aatrox! Patience! Your freedom will come!”
“Gods and mortals, they deserve only death!”
“Kneel mortals! So I may split your shoulders from your spine!”
“March toward vengeance… Drown this world in blood!”
“I must destroy even hope.”
“For my imprisonment, they will suffer!”
“I will render these mortals’ forms into my own!”
“Their screams will be like the soothing hum of insects at dusk.”
“They will call me villain… Come, let me earn their hatred, again and forever.”
“We had another name once… Now, we are Darkin.”
Taunt“My will… is beyond death!”
“I am Darkin! I do not die!”
“Behold, immortality!”
Joke“I am like a demon, but more edgy, right? You know, cause I’m a sword. Hmm…”
“So uh, I’m Aatrox. I’m a transcendental being trapped inside cutlery… What’s your deal?”
“Uh, nice world you have here. I intend to destroy it, you know, FYI.”
Attack“Come, let me show you darkness!”
“Fight! Join me in death!”
“Your death awaits!”
“I will hack and chop and cleave, and sunder the filth of your forms!”
“I am not your enemy, I am the enemy!”
“I am Darkin! Your gods fear me!”
“I will sever your limbs! I will carve your souls!”
“Carnage is my method.”
“I can smile, and murder while I smile.”
“Suffer, as I suffer!”
“Carnage… Hoooooome…”
“Hear this cursed form sing!”
“Sorrow… I shall deliver it to you.”
“I begged for death, now I am its bringer!”
“I am the god killer!”
“Come!” Grunt “Destiny awaits!”
“You would fight me?! Come, let me show you hell!”
“Your annihilation beckons!”
“Violence… distracts me from these chains!”
Aatrox snarls.
Aatrox roars

Aatrox Voice Lines Japanese

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