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Heroes Evolved Murry Build Guide 2024

Hey, I’m Zathong and this guide is about Murry build in Heroes Evolved.

Best Murry build guides for Heroes Evolved 2024. I works hard to keep my’s Heroes Evolved builds and guides updated, and will help you craft the best Murry build for the meta. Learn more about Murry’s abilities, Items, Gameplay.


Ganker | Disabler



Fragrant Trace

Murry throws a fragrant sachet at the target area, dealing magical damage to the enemy units within the range and reducing their Armor and Spell Resist. A wider area will be affected if the sachet drops in the waters of Water Dominator.

Water Dominator

Murry creates an area of water that delays and slows enemy units. If casting it again within 3s, Murry may dive in and jump out of the water to strike unexpectedly, dealing magical damage and kicking enemies into the air._Passive: Increases Murry’s underwater movement speed by 20%.

Rolling Strike

Murry curls up in a ball and rolls in the target direction for 9s to deal physical damage and kick away non-hero enemy units along its path. When an enemy hero unit is hit, time is up, or this ability is reactivated, Murry stops and strikes at enemy units nearby, causing physical damage, kick-away, and slowdown effects. Murry gains a Hyper Armor and moves faster gradually, but can neither use basic attacks nor abilities while rolling. The direction may be adjusted with the touch controls.

Sweet Inspiration

Murry eats a rice dumpling which restores a few Health and enhances Murry’s next basic attack. 1 rice dumplings are ready every 8s, stocking up to 3 rice dumplings._Passive: Rice dumplings are scattered around for each ability cast, providing temporary movement buffs to allies or movement debuffs to enemies.



Come on, friends coming from afar, please come here, come to my home and sit for a while. I live in a despicable and utterly destitute cottage. Although I am also a fairy, I live in seclusion near the magic water, far away from the prosperous fairyland. I really don’t have anything good to entertain you. Oops, you said that there must be something good in this food steamer? You really have flattered me, really… but I think you’re sighted after all, so I seem to be mean if I continue to hide the truth from you. Uh~ I have delicious scented glutinous rice dumplings, do you want to have a taste? Wait! Let’s come to an agreement at first.

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