Project Mugetsu

Yhwach Clan Project Mugetsu Guide: Boosts, Abilities


The Yhwach Clan in Project Mugetsu is of the Transcendent type. It is very difficult to own Yhwach, but if you have it you will be the strongest person in the game. In this article, Zathong wants to share with you the parameters and skills of Yhwach, and guide you to best use Yhwach Clan.

Yhwach is the emperor of the Wandenreich and is often referred to as the Almighty who resides in Silbern and Wahrwelt. Yhwach is the son of the Soul King, father of Quincy.

Stast Yhwach:

Clan: Transcendent 

Tier: S+

Rarity: Extremely 

How To get Yhwach Clan in Project Mugetsu ?

Yhwach has a 0.005% chance of dropping, which is why Yhwach is extremely difficult to own.

Yhwach Clan Project Mugetsu Boosts and Abilities

HP Regen10x


Ailment ReversalThis ability will help the caster get reflected effects back.
Reishi ManipulationYou can transfer to Reiatsu when exploring an area with a high concentration of Reishi.
AntithesisUsed only once, it helps you reverse all events that have occurred.
Master ArcherArrows will have increased power and accuracy.
Reclamation RegenerationIncreases regeneration speed by 50% when outside combat range.
The AlmightyYou have a 20% chance of avoiding M1 attacks by reading the future.
Soul ConsumptionYou will have 50% chance to recover HP as each soul you consume becomes double soul EXP.
SpeedsterIncreases the speed of Normal flashstep
Enhanced SpeedCompared to other clans it will be 35% faster.
Enhanced ReflexesWithin 2.5 seconds, you will easily dodge enemy skills.
Advanced Growth RateIncreases 4x Mastery buff for all categories.
Immense Spiritual PowerMaximizes Reiatsu bar
Spiritual AwarenessSense players through walls

Yhwach Clan Project Mugetsu Gameplay


Yhwach Clan Project Mugetsu possesses many unique skills that not only increase strength but also ensure safety in combat.

Yhwach Clan easily dodges enemy skills and attacks flexibly.

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