Smite Yu Huang Voice Lines and Voice Actors

Hey, I’m Zathong and i will share Yu Huang Voice Lines and Voice Actors in Smite by English. Let’s just get into the details below!

Yu Huang’s Voice Lines

Introduction “Evil has taken hold of this land, it shall be rooted out and expelled by my hand.”
“These arrogant gods do not know their place, I must show them the error of their ways.”
Abilities(1) Flames of the Phoenix
“Flames of the phoenix!”
“The cinders burn!”
(2) Dao Cultivation
(3) Celestial Flight
“To me!”
“Celestial flight!”
(4) Dueling Dragons
“This is the ultimate culmination of my power!”
“Dragons of the rivers, obey my call!”
KillWhen in a Killstreak
“I will vanquish all evil from this world!”
“By my hand, the natural balance of the universe will be restored!”
When killing a Jungle Boss
“Begone, foul creature! Your evil deeds will no longer haunt us.”
“I refuse to allow the culmination of vile forces any longer!”
When destroying a Tower
“All things will inevitably return to their natural forms.”
“Your structure was weak, just like your spirit.”
Death“I will soon see the Heavenly Master…”
“My legacy will live on…”
Taunts“Return to me after some meditation. A few billion years should be enough time to approach me.”
“So, you believe you have the right to rule? Without the Mandate of Heaven, all you will rule is a barren wasteland.”
“I have spent millenia passing 320 trials of both might and mind, what is one more?”
“I sense a disturbance in the flow of Dao, I will find it and it shall be purged from this world.”
“I have defeated evil entities stronger than gods, who are you to challenge me?”
Jokes“What do healers use to treat the Jade Emperor’s injuries? A first jade kit.”
“Sun Wukong was so desperate to be invited to Heaven, do you know what position I gave that petulant Monkey King? Protector of horses.”
“A cashier asked me if I wanted change. I declined, replying that change comes from within.”

Yu Huang’s Voice Actors

Cory Yee is the voice of Yu Huang in SMITE.

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