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Magic Chess Item List 2024

Hey, I’m Zathong and this is all items (Equipments) list in Magic Chess include: Physical, Magic, Defense & Function.


Demon Hunter SwordTank Killer+10% Attack SpeedUnique Passive-Devour: Basic Attack will deal extra Physical Damage equal to 3.50% of the target’s max HP.
Golden StaffIncrease Attack Speed Continuously+10% Attack SpeedUnique Passive-Impulse: Basic Attack will increase attack speed by 2.50% limitlessly.
Helcurt’s CurseSilence nearby units after the enemy casts a spell+10% Attack Speed
+30% Physical Defense
Unique Passive-Helcurt’s Curse: When any enemy hero casts a skill for the first time, silence nearby enemy units in 1 grids for 7 seconds.
Rose Gold MeteorHigh Damage when low HP+80 Physical ATK
+30 Magic Defense
Unique Passive-Lifeline: Generates a shield that can absorb 2000 damage (scales with the star level) when the HP is less than 30%. Meanwhile, increases self’s attack by 250. This effect has a 40 seconds Cooldown Reduction.
Sea HalberdAnti-Lifesteal, high PEN+100 Physical ATK+40% Physical PEN
Unique Passive-Life Drain: Basic Attack reduces target HP Regen by 60% for 5 seconds.
Berserker’s FuryBerserker’s Fury+100 Physical ATK
+10% Crit Chance
+40% Crit Damage
Blade Of DespairKill Low HP Enemy Directly+200 Physical ATKUnique Passive-Despair: Instantly kills the target whose HP is lower than 20%.
Haas’s ClawsIncrease Physical Lifesteal+100 Physical ATK+40% Physical Lifesteal
Starfall BladeCounter High Star Lv heroes+10% Attack SpeedUnique Passive-Regression: Reduces the target’s Star Level after 5 continued Basic Attacks against the target (reduces up to 1 times for the same target).


Enchanted TalismanRestore Mana at Beginning+350 Magic PowerUnique Passive-Recharge: At the beginning of the battle, restores 75% Mana immediately.
Winter TruncheonBecome Invincible when HP is Low+250 Magic Power
+30 Physical Defense
Unique Passive-Frozen: Surrounds self with a block of ice when the HP is less than 25%. Meanwhile, heals 25% HP and mana in the next 2 seconds.
Glowing WandSustained Magic Damage+250 Magic PowerUnique Passive-Scorch: Skill damage will burn targets for 3 seconds when they hit, dealing 1.75% / 3% / 4.25% of the target’s current HP as Magic Damage (10 damage minimum).
Concentrated EnergyIncrease Magic Lifesteal+250 Magic Power
+1500 HP
Unique Passive-Scorch: Skill damage will burn targets for 3 seconds when they hit, dealing 1.75% / 3% / 4.25% of the target’s current HP as Magic Damage (10 damage minimum).
Feline BladeTransform Enemy into Cat at Beginning+150 Magic Power
+1000 HP
Unique Passive-Witchcraft: When the battle starts, turning enemy hero with the highest star level into Leonin for 5 seconds.
Lightning TruncheonTrigger AoE through Skills+300 Magic PowerUnique Passive-Resonate: Every 6 seconds, the next skill echoes, dealing Magic Damage equal to 10% of the hero’s Max HP to up to 3 enemies.
Blazing HammerBrown’s ArtifactUnique Passive: Immediately execute enemies below 3% HP in the nearby area. Each time you win, this HP threshold increases by 2%, up to 9 stacks. (Current execution threshold: 3%)
Fluffy’s RageDubi’s ArtifactUnique Passive: The carries leaves a Fluffy behind each time their location changes. The Fluffy will explode after 2s, stunning enemy heroes in the same row and column.


Blade ArmorPhysical Damage Bounce+60 Physical DefenseUnique Passive-Vengeance: When receiving Basic Attack, deals 30% of received damage as physical damage to the attacker.
Sky Guardian HelmetHigh base HP+2500 HPUnique Passive-Recovery: Regens HP equal to 1.50% of self’s max HP each second.
ImmortalityResurrect Upon Death+30 Magic Defense
+30 Physical Defense
Unique Passive-Immortal: Resurrects after 2 seconds upon death and gets 25% HP.
Monastery Of Light VestmentsIncrease Allies Magic DEF+30 Magic DefenseUnique Passive-Magic Resist: Grants 40 Magic DEF to allied heroes in the same row.
Dominance IceMana Regen Increased when Taking Damage+30 Physical Defense
+1500 HP
Unique Passive-Arctic Cold: Reduces nearby enemy heroes’ Attack Speed by 20%. Increases Mana Regen by 25% when taking damage.


Archer CrystalGet Archer Synergy+50 Physical ATKUnique Passive-Precise: Equip to get Archer Synergy. (Not Stackable)
Assassin CrystalGet Assassin Synergy+10% Attack SpeedUnique Passive-Execution: Equip to Get Assassin Synergy. (Not Stackable)
Cadia Riverlands CrystalGet Cadia Riverlands Synergy+10% Attack SpeedUnique Passive-Prickle: Equip to get Cadia Riverlands Synergy. (Not Stackable)
Lightborn CrystalGet Lightborn Synergy+1000 HPUnique Passive-Nourish: Equip to get Lightborn Synergy. (Not Stackable)
Gunner CrystalGet Gunner Synergy+50 Physical ATKUnique Passive-Imperial: Equip to get Gunner Synergy. (Not Stackable)
V.E.N.O.M. CrystalGet V.E.N.O.M. Synergy+1000 HPUnique Passive-Precise: Equip to get V.E.N.O.M. Synergy. (Not Stackable)
Clone DeviceClone a hero
Unique Passive-Mirror
: Clone an allied hero.
Science CrystalGet Capacity
Unique Passive-Expansion
: Equip to get 1 more Capacity.
Claude’s Theft DeviceGet 2 random equipment at the beginningUnique Passive-Neat Pick: Copies 2 items of the opponents when battle starts.
InspireIgnores Physical Defense on the first few attacksUnique Passive-Inspire: In a round, the first 8 attacks ignore 100% Physical Defense of the target.
RevitalizeSummons a Healing Spring when HP is low
Unique Passive-Revitalize
: Summons a Healing Spring for 5 seconds when HP is below 30%, restoring 250 HP every 1 second for allies within the area.
PetrifyPetrifies enemies when HP is lowUnique Passive-Petrify: Petrifies nearby enemies within 1 grid for 1.6 seconds when HP is below 30%.
PurifyRemoves the first CCUnique Passive-Purify: Removes the first 1 CC effects in a round.
FlickerBlinks to the most dangerous position at the beginning of a round
Unique Passive-Flicker
: At the beginning of a round, blinks to the empty grid with the most enemies nearby.
Abyss CrystalGet Abyss Synergy+1000 HPUnique Passive-Agile: Equip to get Abyss Synergy. (Not Stackable)
Astro Power CrystalGet Astro Power Synergy+1000 HPUnique Passive-Gather: Equip to get Astro Power Synergy. (Not Stackable)
Superhero CrystalGet Superhero Synergy+50 Physical ATKUnique Passive-Terror: Equip to get Superhero Synergy. (Not Stackable)
Wrestlers CrystalGet Wrestlers Synergy+10% Attack SpeedUnique Passive-Holy-power: Equip to get Wrestlers Synergy. (Not Stackable)

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